Mutant Annotation Service Description

This service provides quick access to "on the fly" annotations for missense variants of interest to the user. This will aid the interpretation of the potential molecular effects of the mutation on the user's protein.
Available Methods
getVariantAnnotation (
       id (string),
       mut (string)

The id parameter: Uniprot Accession number (e.g Q9Y617)
The mut parameter: the amino acid substitution of interest (e.g p.Pro87Met)

Return Value
Missense variants are characterized according to three main levels of information:
- physicochemical changes induced by the amino acid substitution,
- functional and structural features related to the mutated position (MACSIMS annotations, descriptions of the 3D context, conservation ranking),
- structural modifications induced by the amino acid substitution, for missense mutations that can be mapped onto a wild type 3D model sharing more than 50%% identity with its PDB template. These features (protein relative stability change, gain/lost of contacts) are computed on the mutants 3D models which are automatically constructed with Modeller.

Mutant annotation output example: