MSV3d Web Services Description

MSV3d Web Service

Updated: 29/10/2011

MSV3d Web Services enable developers to access MSV3d services via the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP). MSV3d Web Services have been tested with:
  • Java (Apache Axis version 2) under Linux

Version 1.0 (current)

To create a SOAP client application developer should use the following WSDLs:

Service name Service description WSDL
Mutant Annotation Service Annotation of your human non-synonymous polymorphisms

How to use MSV3d Web Service

With Java and Apache Axis

Preinstalled Software
You should have Apache Axis for Java installed and Java Development Kit (JDK) to compile java files generated by Axis.

You have to download the WSDL document in your machine. Download from your web browser the document and be sure that the extension of the document is *.wsdl

Then you use the following command to create Web Service stub files.

In axis/lib directory:
[root@bird lib]# java -classpath axis.jar:axis-ant:activation.jar:.... org.apache.axis.wsdl.WSDL2Java your_local_wsdl_document.wsdl
java -classpath axis.jar:axis-ant
This operation creates java files that you have to use as package into your java client program.

Client Application Example
import java.rmi.RemoteException;
import javax.xml.rpc.ServiceException;
import fr.u_strasbg.bird.axis.variantAnnotation_jws.*;
public class VariantAnnotationClient {
   public static void main(String[] args) {
      VariantAnnotationService variantAnnotationService = new VariantAnnotationServiceLocator();
      System.out.println("Running variant annotation...");
         VariantAnnotation port = variantAnnotationService.getvariantAnnotation();
         System.out.println(port.getVariantAnnotation("Q15465", "p.Gly456Arg"));
         catch (RemoteException e1)
      catch(ServiceException e)
      System.out.println("Done.");    }