Tcl/Tk Extensions.

During the development of Ordalie, I had to create some extensions that can be reused in other context. You will find here a brief description of these extensions and their related source code or compiled version if available.

biotext :

Biotext is a C Tk widget aimed to quickly display and scroll a big matrix of tagged characters. Its needs came from the slowness of the Tk core text widget when displaying 5000 tagged characters (both foreground and background) out of a matrix of 500x2000 characters. This sort of matrix is typically encountered nowadays in Multiple Alignment of Sequences  (protein or Nucleic Acids). Although alignment programs are more and more accurate for performing the alignment, it remains necessary to adjust manually their outputs.

tclcluspack :

tclcluspack is the Tcl version of the cluspack program written by Nicolas Wicker. Cluspack allows the clustering of protein sequence alignments or set of points in a multi-variable space. Several clustering methods are available, as well as several algorithmm for the
automatic determination of the number of clusters.

tsurf :

tsurf computes from a set of points the isosurface associated with, and outputs the list of triangles and the list of normals needed to display it.

tclfastme :

tclfastme is the tcl version of the FastME program developp by O. Gascouelle.

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